i really don’t feel like going to band camp tomorrow.

i feel like such a failure because i can’t read half the music from the show. I mean it’s so much to handle. most of the line is made up of freshmen who have little experience in drums. all the good people/seniors left. i broke down in tears because i felt horrible about not able to teach my section the music. i’m glad Claire cheered me up.

i let my section down. but one thing i did great on is working on the dots with the section and basics, angles, crab marching, and backwards marching.

i just hope it gets better. i’m willing to learn to read the music for this year. i only get one song.

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  1. infinityaffinities said: keep practicing…you can do it :)
  2. camillacatastrophe said: I KNOW EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL. -.-
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